Kacey AB/WL Mount Adapter™

Kacey Enterprises is offering a new Made In America adapter to mount  Alien Bee/White Lightning/Zeus/Einstein Studio Flashes to Kacey Beauty Reflectors

Mola/Buff version available on the Mola product page

This newly designed adapter is the only mount that will place the flash tube fully inside the dish

This is a must to get the full effect of the beauty dish. All other adapters hide the flash tube from bouncing properly off the walls of the dish. They are basically small reflectors forcing most of the light into the center diffuser. These adapters are made for softbox speedrings and not for a Beauty Dish. There are many reflectors on Ebay marketed as Beauty Dishes when they are actually cheap overseas bowls with a softbox adapter ring slapped on the back. For example if you look at any reputable studio flash manufactures beauty dishes you will see the flash tube extends all the way into the reflector. This is for a very important reason. In the images below you will clearly see what I’m talking about. The image on the left is the standard adapter on the right is the Kacey AB/WL Mount Adapter™ for PCB. The Kacey BD Adapter allows the PCB flash tubes to insert as far as possible into the dish. Our is pre-drilled to mount a Kacey or Speedotron BD on PCB Strobes in minutes. The version for Mola has a modified edge to let the screws for the diffuser clear the mount. It’s also a time saving mount for that DIY project you have been considering

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