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January 4th, 2014

Kacey Inverse Bracket for Rotolux/Quadra

December 3rd, 2012

Kacey Inverse Bracket for Rotolux/Quadra

Our new bracket will allow a Quadra head to be inverse mounted into Elinchrom Rotolux Modifiers.

This produces very even light across the panel because there is no direct flash hitting the front diffusion panel.

With the Quadra head mounted inside the Softbox it is completely protected. This is great for location work.

The bracket mounts to any light stand or boom with a standard grip head such as a Avenger D 200. These are available at any major photography supplier.


$ 173

Kacey Bracket for Einstein/Buff folding modifiers

June 19th, 2012

This custom grip bracket is made for the Einstein a Paul C Buff studio flash.The Einstein has had design issues with the mounting fingers since first released. Even with updated versions there are reports that the heat of 250 watt modeling lights are causing the springs to weaken and fail over time.

* Bracket allows Buff folding Boxes, Octa’s and strips to be mounted to the Einstein with no weight on the head.

* Moves the flash tube further inside the modifier than standard Buff mounts for more even diffusion.

* Very useful if you are a working professional not wanting modifiers to fall off in front of a client.

* Great to use in a windy condition where the stress could damage the strobe.

Image 1
Image 2

163 USD

Einstein Version for Buff folding Softboxes

Alien Bee Version for Buff folding Softboxes
163 USD

We also have a version that can fit in a common 6 inch aftermarket Speeding (Email to request  invoice)



New limited stock of the Kacey Beauty Reflector location bags. Get them while they last

May 2nd, 2012

The Kacey Location Bag™ is the perfectly designed bag to carry your dish and accessories on location. It is constructed out of a heavy duty ballistic nylon exterior. Handles are stitched all the way down the bag and not just attached to the side. It features #10 zippers, re-enforced bottom, extra interior pockets for bracket and diffusers and separate compartment for our grid. This case is heavily padded on outside layers as well as between each compartment. It will fit all the major brand of 22″ Beauty Dishes.

New bag is all black with added features

Click on image for larger picture

New Kacey DSLR Paint Pole Adapter for Pole Aerial Photography

August 11th, 2010

Take your camera to new heights
We are now offering our pole adapter with a Stainless Steel 3/8-16 screw mount. This is a standard screw for the most popular professional ball heads on the market. The main body of the adapter and the 2 inch knurled locking washer are high quality aluminum. They will mount on any standard Paint Pole and will allow a photographer endless possibilities of creative shots from heights and angles that are impossible with conventional methods.

35 USD (Ball Head Not Included)

Loctite 424 is recommended to bond pole threads to adapter.
3.00 USD

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