Kacey Pole Adapter™

Kacey Pole Adapter

Kacey Pole Adapter

These Adapters will let you mount your Strobes on a standard paint pole type extension pole. The patent pending design features 5/8 baby pin on top and standard extension pole threads (3/4 x 5 threads per inch) on the bottom. This will provide a simple economic solution for a photographer to have their assistant quickly move from various lighting setups where a stand is just awkward or unnecessary. These poles are available at Lowes or Home Depot for a reasonable price. Great setup for city shots where using a light stand may require a permit, windy beach shots, event, sports, weddings… Combine the pole and adapter with our Beauty Reflector or Softbox Ring and you have a very portable system that will work with speedlights or studio strobes. These adapters are top quality and milled from a solid piece of aluminum.

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MSRP $21.99

Poles must have 3/4 X 5 threads per inch. This is common to most all paint poles. Adapter will not fit Metric threads. The Adapter has been tested with Longarm and Sure-Line extension poles. Purdy poles are of unique threads and adapter will not work.

$21.99 plus $7.50 S&H (US only) Up to 10 can be combined in order with no additional shipping cost
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To prevent our adapter from spinning loose and to create a bond for the threads we at Kacey Enterprises recommend using a thread adhesive such as Locktite 242. This small packet is perfect amount to adhere a Pole Adapter to the pole threads $3.00

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