Kacey/Eli Adapter

This adapter allows for the use of the highly regarded Elinchrom reflectors, softboxes, and other modifiers with the Kacey Speedlight Bracket. We can also mate our adapter with virtually any brand studio strobe insert to make Elinchrom modifiers mountable to the brand of strobes you are currently using. Our custom ring uses a quality stainless steel spring plunger to positively lock the modifier in place. It will attach to either our single or double vertical mount using four stainless steel washers and #8 screws

Our new adapter also features the ability to mate with our AlienBee/White Lighning adapter, so if you have a PCB brand strobe you can use it seamlessly with your Elinchrom reflectors and softboxes.

Mated inserts are not included…. We can order in and mate inserts for any brand strobe. Email for details

International Shipping and shipping to Alaska/Hawaii Shipping cost will be estimated upon request

84 USD

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