Kacey products for Mola Demi

Kacey Enterprises now offers products to get the most out of using your Mola Demi. We currently offer a Speedlight Bracket, high quality grid, and the only adapter plate for PCB Flashes (Alien Bee/White Lightning/Einstein) that will allow the flash tube fully into the reflector for maximum bounce.

Kacey Grid for 22″ Mola Demi Beauty Dish

While Supplies last…….

The Kacey Grid for the Demi is the only metal grid designed and manufactured specifically for the 22″ Demi on the market. The grid fits perfectly into the inside lip of the reflector and comes with all mounting hardware to easily attach and be working within minutes after purchasing. This gives total control to put the beautiful quality of light the Demi produces were you need it and keep it from spilling into a area you don’t. Every professional photographer knows controlling light is key to their work and this is one more tool to help you accomplish this when using the Demi with minimal effort. The grid material is held together by the outside compression ring. Small relief separations are inevitable with this material and in no way effect use of the product.. It would take a hard fall or impact to actually knock the honeycomb from the compression ring.

Mounting detail for Mola Demi

Grid fits into lip of Demi (all mounting hardware including velcro is supplied)


Kacey Adapter for Mola to PCB Flashes

The Kacey Adapter for Mola Softlights is the only adapter engineered specifically for PCB’s line of flashes. Standard domed adapters do not work well with the Mola’s when used on PCB flashes. They hide the flash tube in the adapter and force the light forward through the center diffuser and not allowing it to scatter and bounce properly off the walls on the dish like a Mola used with other high end flashes. The Kacey Adapter solves this issue by placing the flash tube as far into the dish as possible.

$45.00 USD

Must have confirmed address with Paypal before ordering

Please note lead-time can be as long as 4-6 weeks

Here is Mola’s copy of our adapter.

Mola owners can now use the Kacey Speedlight Bracket with the Mola line of products. You can bolt your Demi right up to the Kacey style bracket for a reasonable price. Best of all you can attach any studio insert on Kacey Vertical and switch from studio flash to speed light location work in seconds. Kacey  bracket’s are engineered with adjustments to allow use of pass through triggers such as PW Flex’s.


























220.00 USD

Compare to Mola’s copy of our product      Here

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