Kacey Bracket for Einstein/Buff folding modifiers

This custom grip bracket is made for the Einstein a Paul C Buff studio flash.The Einstein has had design issues with the mounting fingers since first released. Even with updated versions there are reports that the heat of 250 watt modeling lights are causing the springs to weaken and fail over time.

* Bracket allows Buff folding Boxes, Octa’s and strips to be mounted to the Einstein with no weight on the head.

* Moves the flash tube further inside the modifier than standard Buff mounts for more even diffusion.

* Very useful if you are a working professional not wanting modifiers to fall off in front of a client.

* Great to use in a windy condition where the stress could damage the strobe.

Image 1
Image 2

163 USD

Einstein Version for Buff folding Softboxes

Alien Bee Version for Buff folding Softboxes
163 USD

We also have a version that can fit in a common 6 inch aftermarket Speeding (Email to request  invoice)



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